Seeing is Believing

Turbocharge your retail execution with augmented reality.

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Staccar is a powerful and intuitive iOS app for visualizing and customizing in-store execution in retail environments.

Using augmented reality (AR), Staccar dramatically improves the sell-in process for field sales reps, execution managers and visual merchandisers, leading to more productive and collaborative conversations with retailers, better execution, and more impactful use of in-store real estate.


Staccar makes it easy to accurately visualize in-store merchandising elements - such as display units, planograms, signage, and more - anywhere, anytime.


Infinitely customizable, Staccar enables sales reps and execution managers to create bespoke pitches and adjust proposals on the fly.


Share a photo of an AR visualization in just a few taps, creating a permanent visual record that results in more accurate implementation and greater accountability.

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Staccar is designed for an unlimited number of users. Pricing is tiered, based on the number of 3D models required.

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