Turn insights into sales with powerful 3D visualisation.


The Power of Execution

Staccar makes it easy to accurately visualise in-store merchandising elements - such as display units, planograms, signage and more - anywhere, anytime.

Accurate and Realistic

Share a photo of an AR visualisation in just a few taps, creating a permanent visual record that results in more accurate implementation and greater accountability.

A Visual Journey

Infinitely customisable, Staccar enables field sales reps and execution managers to create bespoke pitches and adjust proposals on the fly based on real-time input from retailers.

Generate bespoke visualisations for maximum impact.


Easy Setup

Using the web-based admin module, you can import and manage an unlimited number of virtual display units and other in-store elements. Add or remove virtual objects from the library with a few clicks, or update 3D objects as your strategic goals change. Updates to the library are pushed to the field force automatically.

Endless Possibilities

Staccar makes it easy to customise or accessorise 3D objects to suit different environments. For instance, during a conversation with a retailer, a field sales rep can add a wrap or decal to a display unit, or experiment with shelving options and other elements such as LED lighting.

Plan Your Planograms

With Staccar's Planogram Editor, you can easily customise the products or SKUs that appear in virtual display units. A company admin can save frequently-used planograms for easy access or share planograms with the entire field force to ensure consistency of execution.

Create and share composite images to improve execution.


Snap, Save, Share

Staccar is seamlessly integrated with the Camera on iPad and iPhone. Once a field sales rep has placed a virtual object in-situ, with just a few taps they can save a composite image and share it with a retailer or another rep using Messages, Mail and other built-in apps.

Clear Visual Guidance

Composite photos provide a permanent visual record, ensuring everyone in the process - from merchandisers to store staff - have clear guidance of how to execute a solution. This leads to a sense of shared ownership, more accurate implementation and greater accountability.

Feedback Loop Included

Every photo generated by Staccar is tagged with relevant information and saved to a cloud repository. This enables managers to see at a glance the executions that are being visualised in the field so they can provide feedback and coaching to the field team.


Staccar is designed for an unlimited number of users. Pricing is tiered, based on the number of 3D models required.

Request a Demo

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